Sherwood Forest Farms Wreaths and Evergreens

A favorite of non-profit groups for over 65 years.

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Local Delivery Case Items

Delivered to one location for group distribution.

Items in this section are ordered by the case and delivered in bulk to one central location for community distribution by the group. With our program, you choose to sell a selection or all of our available products.

Direct Delivery Gift Items

Direct from Sherwood to your door.

Items in this section are ordered on an individual basis and sent from Sherwood Forest Farms directly to a specified recipient, delivered during the first two weeks after Thanksgiving. Direct Delivery Gift Items may be sold on their own, or in addition to a group bulk order.

Product guarantee

Our evergreens are 100% guaranteed to be fresh! Sherwood Forest Farms strives to provide our customers with evergreens that are beautifully fresh and of quality construction. That is why we have our 100% guarantee for our wreaths and evergreens. If you receive any products that are not fresh upon delivery, defective, or have any shortages, please notify our customer service team right away. We will ship replacements to your nonprofit organization or we will credit your group for the item. We want your customers to be happy with their evergreens. Our goal is to provide your school, church, scout or other nonprofit organization with a Christmas wreath fundraiser that supplies fragrant, fresh evergreens for your customers. Our 100% guarantee assures you and your customers that we stand behind our product, which, in turn helps your fundraiser by bringing you repeat customers year after year.

How We Harvest

We offer a variety of products that will delight your customers year after year. From wreaths and garlands to centerpieces and door swag, our evergreens come with a 100% fresh guarantee. In addition to our natural products, we offer holiday keepsakes that can be cherished and passed on from generation to generation.We pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly way of harvesting of our evergreens. We never cut trees down, nor do we utilize old growth materials. Our evergreens are harvested by trimming boughs from trees in the Cascade mountains of Washington State mountains. This pruning helps the trees sustain a healthy growth pattern and fosters a healthy ecosystem in their growth area. Our sustainable practices ensure that healthy, hearty Noble Fir will be available for our Christmas wreath fundraisers for years to come.