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Fundraising Groups

Throughout our 65+ year history, Sherwood Forest Farms has helped all kinds of nonprofit groups reach and exceed their fundraising goals. Whether you are a church, scout, school, sport, or any other kind of not for profit organization, we are here to help create a fundraiser designed to meet your specific needs. Don't see your group type? Give us a call to ask if we work with a group like yours, chances are many similar groups already benefit from our program.

Sports Team Fundraising

Wreath fundraising is a simple and effective way for sports teams to raise money for uniforms, equipment, tournament travel and field/ice time. It also promotes teamwork, showing the value of working together toward a common goal.

Tips and ideas:

• Set aside time after each practice to discuss the wreath fundraiser, check in on your progress and motivate your players to sell, sell, sell!

• Encourage the team to pull together by setting up groupwide incentives for reaching sales targets. Popular fundraising incentives for sports teams include pizza parties, go-karting and tickets for the entire team to attend a professional sporting event together.  


Booster Group Fundraising

Whether you manage an academic, arts or athletic booster club, wreath fundraising is a simple way to scale up your ongoing fundraising efforts. It will allow you to cut back on the number of events you run and focus on a single sales drive that achieves your annual fundraising goal in just a few months.

Tips and ideas:

• Approach local businesses about the opportunity to ‘sponsor’ your group (football team, drama club, etc.) by purchasing evergreens in bulk as office décor and as employee or staff gifts.

• Encourage parents to not only buy wreaths for their own homes, but to buy them as gifts for friends, relatives and colleagues.  


Band / Orchestra / Choir Fundraising

For musical groups, annual trips, concerts, and performances can be expensive. Over the years, our wreath fundraising program has made it possible for numerous bands, orchestras and choirs to perform across the country at competitions, special events and music conventions.

Tips and ideas:

• Host a musical fundraising event, encouraging people to order their wreaths before, after and at intermission. If you already have a recital planned, simply set up a table for wreath sales near the entrance.

• Offer relevant individual prizes for meeting sales targets, such as the chance to be ‘conductor for a day’, as well as group-wide prizes like tickets to a professional music performance or a dance party in lieu of rehearsal.  


4-H Fundrasing

Wreath fundraising is a highly effective way for 4-H clubs to raise money for materials, activities, events, travel costs and to help cover membership fees. Our straightforward program, online order-tracking tools and ongoing customer support make it easy to meet your annual 4-H fundraising goal in just a few months.

Tips and ideas:

• Set up a table at all fall 4-H events and take wreath orders on the spot.

• Add a ‘wreath-giving’ cause to your fundraiser, allowing people to buy a wreath for someone in need in addition to buying one for themselves.  


Boy Scout Fundraising

We’ve been working with Boy Scouts since our founding back in the 1954. Making up the largest portion of our client base, Boy Scout Troops from across the country have discovered that high-quality evergreens are popular with their supporters and mesh perfectly with their love of the great outdoors.

Tips and ideas:

• Take advantage of your weekly meetings. Use these gatherings to motivate your sellers and check your progress on a regular basis. 

• Offer group-wide and individual incentives for reaching your fundraising targets. Get the Scouts to vote on possible prizes; after all, they know best what will motivate them. 

• Already organizing a Christmas tree pick-up? Tell your wreath customers that you’ll collect their wreaths, garlands and centerpieces while you’re at it. 


Girl Scout Fundraising

Girl Scout fundraising does exist beyond cookies! Wreath fundraising is a great way to continue garnering support after the cookie season ends. With such a large customer base already, Girl Scouts have a massive advantage when it comes to wreath fundraising.

Tips and ideas:

• Approach your cookie customers about buying a wreath. They’ve supported you before, so they’re likely to do it again.  

• Use your weekly meetings to build momentum, routinely assess your progress and keep the girls motivated.  

• Motivate your sellers with group-wide and individual incentives that match their interests, such as pizza parties, iTunes gift cards and movie tickets.  


Cub Scout Fundraising

Cub Scouts may be young, but they make great wreath sellers. It’s difficult for people to say no to our gorgeous evergreens as it is, and when peddled by a precious Cub Scout, they’re even harder to resist. Our wreath fundraiser is an easy and effective way to raise money for uniforms, camping equipment and outdoor adventures.

Tips and ideas:

• Our wreaths are a high-end product—make sure your prices reflect this! Compared to popcorn and chocolate bars, your Cub Scouts will raise more by selling less.  

• Halloween is one of the safest nights of the year for door-to-door sales. Encourage the youngsters to give their neighbors trick-or-treating ‘Thank You’ cards that also mention the wreaths and provide details on how to order. 


Public School Fundraising

Wreath fundraising has proven highly effective for public school groups needing to raise money for supplementary school projects, field trips, after-school programs and any other activities that fall outside the school budget.

Tips and ideas:

• Keep in mind: our program works best for individual classes or a single grade level, rather than as a school-wide initiative.  

• Make use of the school’s existing communication channels to promote your fundraiser, including: newsletters, email lists and PTA meetings.  


Private School Fundraising

A high-end product of real value, our holiday evergreens are ideally suited for private school fundraising. With high profit margins, ongoing customer support and free online order-tracking tools, wreath fundraising is an effective way to raise money for after-school clubs, scholarship programs and educational travel opportunities.

Tips and ideas:

• Consider our program for an individual class or grade-level fundraiser, rather than as a school-wide initiative.  

• Take advantage of your existing network of parent supporters by putting together a parent-led fundraising committee dedicated to organizing events, setting up incentives and managing communications for the drive.  


Alumni Group Fundraising

In an era of skyrocketing tuition costs and student loan debt, getting alumni to dig into their pockets can be a tough ask. Wreath fundraising is a fantastic way to encourage them to support their alma mater without needing to write a hefty check.

Tips and ideas:

• Use your social media communities—particularly Facebook and LinkedIn—to help spread the word of your wreath fundraiser.  

• Ask alumni to not only buy a wreath for themselves, but to also encourage their friends and family to order evergreens through the alumni association.  


Church Group Fundraising

For more than 60 years, we’ve watched church groups meet and exceed their fundraising goals by selling our holiday greenery. Handcrafted from fresh evergreen trimmings, our wreaths, garlands and centerpieces represent the minimal beauty of the Christmas season and have proven a big hit with church groups across the country.

Church groups have the benefit of Sunday services—or more specifically, their after service coffee and chat time. This is the perfect time to sell wreaths to fellow church members. Your group can do this by simply talking with people and showing them our product catalog or by setting up a table or booth and taking orders.

Tips and ideas:

• Give your community the option to participate in a ‘wreath-giving’ cause, such as laying wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers, hanging garlands up in a local nursing home or gifting them to families in need.  

• Take advantage of the church’s existing communication channels to promote your fundraiser, such as the church newsletter, Sunday bulletins and after-service coffee hours. 

• Ask us to ship you a free sample wreath so the congregation can see, smell and feel the product you’re offering.  


ROTC Fundraising

A holiday wreath drive is an ROTC fundraiser that cadets can really get behind. ROTC and JROTC members often feel more confident selling high-quality evergreens than cheaper, less relevant products like candy, popcorn and gift wrapping. Beyond the high profit margins, our fresh wreaths, garlands and centerpieces are a product cadets feel proud to offer their community.

Tips and ideas:

• Consider using the ‘wreath-giving’ fundraising model. Instead of (or in addition to) selling to people directly, ask them to buy a wreath for a worthy, humanitarian cause (e.g. to place on the graves of fallen soldiers).  

• Be visible in the community—set up tables for taking wreath orders in shopping malls, at county fairs and during university events.  


Service Club Fundraising

We have a long history of helping service groups like the Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary Clubs raise money to continue serving their local communities. Our evergreens are the ideal product for service groups, as customers receive something of genuine value in return for their support. They’re also sustainably harvested, so you can rest assured knowing our program aligns with your group’s ideals.

Tips and ideas:

• Build on your group’s existing relationships, especially those with local businesses that will relish the opportunity to buy wreaths for their clients/employees and give back to the community at the same time.  

• Host a fundraiser ‘kickoff’ event with refreshments, music and dancing. Set up a table at the event for taking wreath orders and remind people throughout the night to show their support.  


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