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Which Program is Right For My Group?

Sometimes it can be confusing as to which program is right for your group. We have developed this graphic to help you determine the best option for your group's specific needs. If you have more questions, please call us and we will help you make the best decision.

No Under 40 How many items do you estimate your group can sell? Will you only be selling outside your local community? Do you want your group to distribute? Will your customers be willing to spend roughly $30 per item? Will you have any customers that are not local? Yes What is your fundraising goal? Over 40 No Yes The sky is the limit Anything helps Yes No Yes No FULL-LINE PROGRAM FULL LINE PROGRAM DIRECT DELIVERY

Sherwood Forest Farms Community

We created a space where you may learn from other groups, have easy access to sales tips and tools, and reach out to us. Follow up with us and learn more about our company by viewing live updates from twitter, facebook, instagram, and read testimonials from other customers.

Fundraising Marketing 101

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Thank You, SFF!

"We used the Sherwood Forest Farms fundraiser last year and had such great success with it we are doing it again this year. Everyone was so impressed with their products that we received so many comments on it and they were so pleased with the cost, while we were pleased with how much money we made. Customer service and they were so friendly and helpful in every way! I recommend you to everyone. You make fundraising a pleasure!!! Thanks again!!"

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