A Rich History

Over sixty years ago Sherwood Forest Farms was founded by Cecil Callison in Centralia, Washington. Cecil had a vision to help not for profit organizations attain their fundraising goals through the sale of high quality Pacific Northwest holiday evergreens.

Throughout the years Cecil intentionally kept Sherwood’s focus small, resisting temptations to sell to retail outlets or expand too much that it would create competition for our existing groups, like so many other companies do.  

Although it was not called “sustainability”  in Cecil’s day, he founded Sherwood with the principle of doing no harm to the forests through harvesting practices, and this principle is one that we, as the latest generation, embrace.

Many changes have occurred at Sherwood over the past 60 years including the consolidation of production facilities from seven to one. This consolidation helped with efficiency and assures that our products go from our temperature-controlled manufacturing directly into thirty three degree cold storage where we do a final inspection, packaging, and shipment.

Sherwood’s tradition of making high quality handmade products continues today with the help and association of our family-owned heritage. The employees of Sherwood Forest Farms would like to thank you for all of your support and suggestions that have helped maintain our commitment to produce the highest quality holiday greenery available. We wish you success in your holiday fundraising endeavors and hope you all have a happy, healthy and safe holiday season.

What Makes Us Different

There is a reason some of our groups have worked with us on their holiday fundraising for over 40 years; Sherwood Forest Farms sees ourselves as a company that is truly a “cut above the rest”. We can say this confidently because we focus directly on our groups' success, not just our bottom-line. As a team, we are committed to you and your profits. We have learned many lessons from the past 60 years of holiday fundraising, and we continue to grow and evolve as the years continue. Our sole focus is our customers and we will always go the extra mile to guarantee satisfaction with our service and our products.

Our Team

We are happy to be here for you. The Sherwood Team is a very collaborative, cohesive, and fun group. We have a wonderful time working together and we are all motivated to helping you achieve success. We want to take a moment to say “Hi!” If you would like to talk to any of us just give us a call or send an email. We are all here for you.

Our Philosophy

Cecil Callison had a vision when he started Sherwood Forest Farms, and we work hard every day to uphold his vision the best we can. His vision, and ours, is simple: Offer the highest-quality products to our customers, using the best natural materials available, at an affordable price, and make your customers happy. This philosophy is one we operate by every single day, and we are all pleased to carry on Cecil’s legacy in our everyday work. Thank you for being a part of this experience and helping us carry on his philosophy.

We love to chat with our customers! If you have more questions, please call us at 1-800-767-7778