Shipping Nightmare

We used Sherwood for four years and three out of the four were fantastic, this last time was a nightmare. Sherwood chose to use FedEx, and for three days our wreaths were stuck at their warehouse. I called and tried dealing with FedEx myself and they were of no help, finally, I gave up and asked Sherwood for help. The representative I spoke to on the phone was so incredibly rude. When I asked for help they said FedEx told them that they tried to deliver three times and that no one was present. This is untrue, we have an intercom that goes straight to our office, we are a school and someone is here 24 hours a day. I asked our office to check the receiving cameras and every time FedEx Ground showed up they delivered a small package, but they never had our wreaths. When I explained this to the Sherwood rep he said "Well if they try to deliver today and no one is there to sign then they are going to ship them back" I let him know that if the wreaths were shipped back then I would have to issue $5000 worth of refunds and not use them the next year, he replied "Ma'am I don't appreciate the threat" What threat?! I was thinking out loud and thinking business logistics! We went back and forth over any possible solutions and he had an attitude the whole time. My conversation with him ended with me in tears and him saying, "I don't know what you want me to do, I don't have a magic wand for FedEx" That Friday night a coworker and I drove to the local FedEx warehouse and were able to pick up our wreaths in two trips and two SUVs. The next time I heard from Sherwood was when they sent over their invoice. They picked FedEx as their shipper but remember, they don't have a magic wand for them so if FedEx screws up you're on your own.
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