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At Sherwood Forest Farms, we think nobody’s in a better position to incentivize sellers than the group leaders themselves. That’s why we decided not to incorporate incentives into our fundraising program, but instead use those savings to offer luxury evergreens at affordable wholesale prices.

However, just because our program doesn’t integrate incentives doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find creative ways to motivate your sellers. Sure, your members should be motivated by your group’s worthy fundraising cause, but doesn’t it always help to have that carrot dangling just out of arm’s reach?

Here are our top tips for setting up incentives and organizing prizes for your fundraiser.

✓  Create tiers of success based on your minimum per-person sales target

How you organize the different tiers of success is completely up to you, and you should tailor your various targets to suit your group. There’s no need to stick to just three tiers. Setting up several tiers with easier targets and smaller prizes can also be an effective way to motivate your sellers.

✓  Give each tier a catchy name

Title each per-person sales level along the lines of ‘Bronze’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Gold’ so that it’s clear that each tier is desirable, but that some are better than others. For example, if you’re a football team booster group, your tiers could be called ‘Safety’, ‘Field Goal’ and ‘Touchdown’.

✓  Tailor prizes to your sellers’ interests

Make sure the incentives you choose will entice the members of your group. Consider their age and interests when you pick your prizes. For example, will a group of 14-year-old boy scouts really be interested in a hoola-hoop? Probably not. But IMAX movie tickets might do the trick.

✓  Roll out a group-wide prize halfway through

When you reach the middle mark of your fundraiser, consider introducing a group-wide prize for meeting your overarching fundraising goal (if you’ve already reached your goal, set a new target). By announcing the prize at this stage of the fundraiser, you’ll give sellers an extra push before the fundraising season winds down.


Prize ideas

Individual prize examples

​Group-wide prize examples

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For more sales tips, visit our support page or head to our message board to swap notes with other fundraising groups from across the country.

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