Safe, Successful Fall Fundraising During COVID-19


2020 has brought unprecedented challenges to many nonprofits—many schools are closed, sports are postponed, clubs and community organizations have moved online, and group gatherings are prohibited in most states. The pandemic has upended annual fall fundraisers that are crucial to the long-term sustainability of nonprofits of all sizes.

No more bake sales. No more auctions. No more fun runs. The pressure to come up with a plan B (and quick!) can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, wreath fundraising is one of the few fundraising models that works without any necessary face-to-face interaction. Running a partially virtual or entirely virtual fundraiser through Sherwood Forest Farms is safe and easy—here’s how.


Set Up Your Wreath Fundraiser

Once you’ve received your wreath fundraising information pack, call or email us to set up your fundraiser. Then, it’s off to the races. Not only will we provide you with marketing support to help you promote your fundraiser, you can build your own group website on our secure platform.

No need to be a computer whiz—it takes just 10 minutes to set up your group website. Simply log into your account portal, choose a name for your fundraiser, upload a photo, select products, set prices, choose a payment method, and voilà, you have a safe and secure website for your remote fundraiser. If you have any questions about how to set up your site, contact our team.


Get the Word Out

Now that your fundraiser is set up, it’s time to start selling. No need to go door-to-door—there are many ways to reach your supporters from a distance, including:

As for collecting payment, we make it easy for your supporters to pay online with the click of a few buttons. You can also choose mask up and collect checks or cash directly from your customers while keeping a safe distance. You get to choose the approach that works best for your group. 


Use Our Online Tools to Manage Your Fundraiser

Your virtual fundraiser through Sherwood Forest Farms includes a range of tools to help your plan your sales drive, track orders as they roll in, and calculate profits. You can head to our website anytime to log in via the account portal and check out your account. You’ll see who has placed an order online, how many items you’ve sold thus far, and how much your fundraiser is bringing in. When it comes time to submit your final order with us, you can do so easily and securely online.

Most nonprofits can’t afford to take a year off from fundraising and they shouldn’t have to. Creating a partially or completely virtual fundraiser through Sherwood Forest Farms is a safe and secure way to raise money for your nonprofit during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Start planning your virtual fundraising efforts now.

→ Request a free information packet to get started.

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