Launch Your Fundraiser in 30 Minutes or Less!


By now you have received your Sherwood Forest Farms Fundraising packet, and it’s time to get started. With Sherwood, you can launch your sale in less than an hour and watch the profits roll in. If you haven’t already, call us or click here to register your group. Once registered, you will be sent your account information and you will have instant access to your own group account portal. 

•       Choose one or two of our best-selling items to sell as your group’s hand-delivered items. With a limited number of items, it is easier to ensure you have surplus items to sell. Plus it is quick and easy to distribute to your participants when your cases arrive. You can add items in future years.

•       Even though you are only hand-delivering a limited selection, all eight of our Direct Delivery Gift Items are available to your customers, with no minimums. Sell them all, that way if a customer wants a different item they can order it and we will fulfill it for you by sending it directly to their doorstep. This also presents a great opportunity for customers to send items as gifts and for friends and family outside your selling area to support your goals. You never have to turn down a sale.

Ok, you’ve chosen your items, now what? Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Log into your account to access your online sales support dashboard. This amazing tool allows you to organize your campaign, create customized sales materials, build a customizable website, and collect and track orders. Determine the selling price for your items. Remember, you get to determine your mark-up and price your product so it is accessible to your customer base. The costs for the hand-delivered items and the direct delivery items are different; keep that in mind while setting prices. 
  2. Create your customized sales flyers and website, featuring just the items you are selling, and print them out or share them digitally for immediate use. Our resources provide an easy step-by-step walkthrough to generate your materials. Locate the “My Sales Materials” or “Online Sales Dashboard” sections of your account portal for either of these functions. Your website will have a unique URL that  takes shoppers directly to your sales site. Customers can shop and pay online (when you attach your group’s PayPal account). If you can’t make your own sales material, no problem. If you ordered sales materials, they should be on the way. 
  3. Get selling! You are now ready to launch your fundraiser of beautiful greenery from the Pacific Northwest. Send sales tools to your group members, add the website URL to your group’s and participants’ social media, website and email blitzes. Check out our Social Media Toolkit in the Fundraiser Toolkit section of your account portal for inspiration of how to share your sale online. 

Still have questions or need help getting set up? Call 1-800-767-7778 and one of our customer service experts will happily assist you further.

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