Halloween Night: The Perfect Fundraising Opportunity


Not only is Halloween the safest night for door-to-door sales, but it’s also a chance to reach out to neighbors that might otherwise be “porch shy.” Even those who tend to be wary of solicitors happily open their doors to dozens of neighborhood kids every October 31st. It’s tradition, it’s fun and, let’s face it, everybody loves a bit of candy.

You can take advantage of this generous community spirit by cleverly passing along some information about your wreath fundraiser as you go trick-or-treating. Here’s how:

Print your own business cards

Create your own custom business cards to take with you when you go trick-or-treating. To use our creation above, just right click on the image, save it to your computer, and cut it out. If you’re creating your own cards, just make sure that they:

Thank the person for the candy.
Briefly state that you’re selling wreaths for a good cause, and what that good cause is.
List your contact details (this can be a parent’s phone/email or even your group’s website if you’re taking orders online).

Practice your trick-or-treat sales pitch

Remember, Halloween isn’t the best time to waffle on about the perks of our gorgeous evergreens (although there are many). Your neighbors want to enjoy their evening, and you want to make sure you get as much candy as possible. There’s not much time to waste!

Instead, keep your sales pitch short and sweet. We suggest simply handing each neighbor a card, saying a short line like “Here’s something for you to read later” or “Thank you, here’s my business card” and then heading to the next house.

Organize a hot cider pit stop

To really make the most of the evening, consider inviting everyone in your fundraising group—parents and kids—to your house for a mid-trick-or-treating break and some delicious spiced apple cider. They can swing by for a chance to rest their legs, chat about the fundraiser and compare notes on who’s giving away full-size candy bars (there’s always someone!). If you happen to have a fire pit in the back yard and can host the gathering outdoors, that’s even better!

Follow up a week or two later

After the excitement of Halloween has died down, stroll through the neighborhood again to follow up about the wreath fundraiser. Even if they haven’t called to put in an order, many of your neighbors may still be interested in buying a wreath and have simply forgotten to get in touch. When they see you again, they’ll remember your thank you/business card and be more receptive to giving the wreaths a try.

Good luck, and have fun!

For more sales tips, visit our support page or head to our message board to swap notes with other fundraising groups from across the country.

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