Fundraising Marketing 101


Are you utilizing all of your resources to run a profitable sales drive?

Utilizing key marketing strategies is the best way to drive your sales and reach your group's target market. Below is a list of some ideas our current groups find effecitve, and some added ideas you may just not have thought of yet. 

 By now you have started your drive or your kick-off meeting is right around the corner. Make sure that you inform your group members of the importance of this fundraiser and highlight the benefits of the program. Telling them about the effectiveness of one wreath’s sale compared to multiple candy bars (or any other fundraising product) will allow them to realize that with a little effort they may benefit a lot. Not only is it an effective way to raise funds this year, but your group’s customers will be so pleased they will be inquiring next year and for years to come.
Email Campaigns
Most groups these days have a list of all of the members involved with the drive. It is important to email all of your members with important dates and information about the fundraiser. Log in to your “My Account Home” for a .pdf of our product catalog to attach to the email or link to our Facebook to show the items. We also have printables within the ‘My Account Home’ area you may use and print out for your sellers.
Grow your email list beyond just your group’s members. Ask your members to create lists of their own that they may email information to, and sales will spread across a wide network.
Have your members contacted people outside of the local delivery area? This is always a good idea to take orders over the phone and arrange payment for those family members and friends who are not local to receive a hand-delivered wreath. These customers are great to contact because they will enjoy supporting the organization even from afar.
Does your group have a Facebook page? Telling your members to visit your page for important information and updates is a great way to grow views and “likes” on your page as well as keep your group members informed of sales progress and important group updated.
Local Businesses
Are you utilizing your local community? Make sure that you reach out to your local community to drive sales. Remember, Direct Delivery Gift Items make wonderful client gifts. Call CPAs, attorneys, real estate agents, contractors, bankers, and other businesses who send out client gifts, and this will become a reoccurring order year after year.
Online Resources
Does your group have a website where you may drive traffic? Some of our groups sell items right from their website! If you have someone who is able to set up a web store or post a .pdf to the website, this is an effective place to take orders from your customers and share information.
Public Events/ Holiday Fairs/Craft Fairs/ Performances/Sporting Events
Make sure to display your sample wreath at any public sale or event. If you have not received your free sample, just call us to schedule your next day delivery.  Hand out catalogs and make your own order forms for specific orders coming from these events. Any public event is always an effective place to sell both local delivery case items and direct delivery items.
We hope some of these marketing strategies can help to guide your group’s sales efforts this year!  

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