Auction Cancelled? Try Wreath Fundraising


As the pandemic goes on, many of us have gotten used to the restrictions that come with it—we stay closer to home when possible, wear masks, social distance, and limit the number of people at gatherings. But for the many nonprofits that have been forced to cancel their annual auctions, it can be very difficult to think up an alternative way to raise money. For larger nonprofits, hiring a company to help livestream your fundraising event can work. But for smaller organizations, the costs involved simply rules it out. Nonprofits need a way to bring their community together without bringing people together.

The key to nonprofit fundraising in 2020 is this: adapt quickly and move forward. Be willing to look past your previous fundraising models and find a solution that meets the moment.

Enter wreath fundraising. Not only can it be quite lucrative for your nonprofit, but our program is already designed to make remote fundraising easy. So, don’t just cancel your auction and cross your fingers that you’ll bring in twice as much next year. Keep reading to learn why selling holiday evergreens is the answer to fundraising in 2020.


Wreath fundraising is convenient

Our program is convenient for you and your supporters. Setting up your online fundraiser is simple. After you receive your wreath fundraising information pack and contact us to officially sign up, you can sign into your account and:

With our fundraising program, you can opt to take orders entirely online via credit card, or you may choose to use traditional paper order forms and collect cash/check payments in a safe, socially distant setting. Many nonprofits who work with us end up doing a combination of both online and traditional sales. Whichever way you choose to approach it, we’re here to make it as easy as possible.


There are no upfront costs

Live auctions and other in-person fundraising events can be costly—between the rental space, catering, auctioneer, promoting the event and more, the overhead costs associated with running an auction make it a relatively high-risk fundraising model.

When you sell holiday evergreens through our program, that’s not the case. There are zero upfront costs. Plus, our sales and marketing team is here to support you along the way. With more than 65 years of experience in wreath fundraising, we understand the market and are full of guidance to help you achieve your sales goals.


You spread holiday cheer during challenging times

Unfortunately, with the coronavirus still here, it’s quite possible that many of us will miss out on seeing friends and family over the holidays this year. Fresh holiday evergreens are the perfect way to bring holiday cheer to people’s homes while social distancing measures are still in place. Handcrafted from the boughs of Noble Fir, grown here in the Cascade Mountains, our wreaths and evergreens can be distributed by your group to your customers’ doorsteps, or sent directly anywhere in the United States via our Direct Delivery Gift Item program.

There’s no need to give up on fundraising this year—in fact, that cancelled auction may end up being a blessing in disguise. Wreath fundraising is an easy and cost-effective way to raise money from afar.


Start planning your virtual fundraising efforts now.

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