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The History of Sherwood Forest Farms

SFF HistoryIn 1954, Cecil Callison, my grandfather, had a great idea. He imagined a company that would provide the highest quality holiday evergreens for nonprofit organizations to use for fundraising. And after more than 58 years of providing the finest quality Northwest evergreens, I find my grandfather’s vision to be alive and well in everything we do.

Many people are surprised to learn that our company is not a small piece of a large, publicly-owned enterprise, but a large piece of a family-owned business. Callisons Incorporated has entered its fourth generation in the Callison family and Sherwood Forest Farms has been a key part of our success.

SFF HistoryWhile our family and our business have changed and adapted over the years, we continue to maintain a strong commitment to the Pacific Northwest and its environment. We make certain our harvesting methods maintain a healthy balance with nature to ensure the forest's natural beauty.

Even though we are a bit more modernized than we were in my grandfather's time, our quality standards of our hand-made wreaths and evergreens have always been the pride of our company, guaranteeing that only the freshest products are supplied to our customers for their wreath fundraisers. We are committed to ensuring that the Sherwood Forest Farms name remains the benchmark of quality in the holiday evergreens business.

The employees of Sherwood Forest Farms and four generations of the Callison family would like to thank you. Your support and suggestions have helped us sustain our commitment to high quality Christmas wreaths and evergreens from a healthy and strong environment. We hope our products bring you joy this holiday season and we hope our program helps you raise funds for years to come.

Happy Holidays,


Scott Callison Trethewey

Vice President