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Fundraising Online

Learn about new features from Sherwood Forest Farms for maximizing your options when fundraising online.  It can be a very easy way to increase your sales!  Sherwood Forest Farms has great tools available for you to utilize the internet for your fundraising. Using the online tools will allow you to either complement your group’s in-person fundraiser or completely run your fundraising online. Either way, your sale can be benefited by the ease of doing some of the fundraising electronically.

Once a non-profit group signs up, there are many tools on our website available to you for your fundraising. Especially for fundraising online, you can create your own flyers that you can email to your community.  When you create a flyer, you get to choose the Christmas wreaths and evergreen products your group wants to sell. You’ll be able to feature these on the flyer along with the prices your group would like to charge and a little bit about your organization and your fundraising sales drive.  Once you’ve emailed your flyer to your community, they can share it with their contacts. This increases your reach, and if you can increase the number of potential customers you can reach, you will increase the number of sales your group makes!

While your group could sell all of our Christmas wreaths and evergreens in an online fundraiser by sending out flyer by email, our Individual Gift Items are ideal for fundraising online. We have six holiday items that are individually packaged and shipped directly to the recipient. These items are perfect for an online fundraiser! We offer 2 Christmas wreaths, a cedar garland, a pine cone gift basket, and a gift set made of 2 garlands and a wreath. Because each item is shipped directly to the recipient anywhere in the 48 contiguous states, individuals located on the other side of the country can support your fundraising online! Some groups have a website that makes it easy to set up their own online fundraiser, other groups find that emailing their customized flyer to potential customers is the easiest way to make a sale. Either way, the Individual Gift Items are perfect for this situation!

Included in our online tools are a series of letter templates you can peruse to help you compose the body of an email to accompany the customized flyer you have created. This will assist with online fundraising because you have a chance to take a framework for an email and tailor it to fit your needs. 

While the above will assist you with reaching your customers and making sales, we also have tools available for organizing your sale. You can access advice for a successful sale and a checklist that you can print out and edit if you’d like to add to it. With these tools, Sherwood Forest Farms has provided assistance for your fundraising, and hopes that it will help with online fundraisers as well as in person.

Lastly, we also have an entire system online dedicated to accepting and processing your Final Order, your Individual Gift Item addresses, and it also gives you the ability to track your Case Items and Gift Items. When you are finishing your wreath fundraiser, collecting orders, and getting ready to receive your wreaths and evergreens, all of these tools will be so helpful to you! They are laid out intuitively for you to make them easy to use. And we hope that each and every one of these tools will be helpful to you and your fundraiser!