Wreath stories — Nathan’s Boy Scouts


Nathan leads a Boy Scout troop in Middle Tennessee. His group of young adventurers regularly goes on overnight hiking trips, including a recent weeklong excursion along the Appalachian Trail.

Last year, Nathan’s Scouts were down to just three usable troop tents. They were vastly in need of new tents to replace their depleted inventory. His wife searched “Boy Scout fundraiser” on Google and came across the Sherwood Forest Farms website. She then saw our advertisement about wreath fundraising in Scouting magazine. They decided to give it a go.

Nathan chose to use the Full Line program. He explains, “This afforded us the greatest flexibility with our fundraiser, allowing our customers to ship orders to family and friends who were remote, yet allowing a more affordable option for local pickup.”

“The fundraiser allowed us to purchase 10 new lightweight backpacking tents.”

Nathan tells us that the wreath sales couldn’t have come at a better time. He says, “The fundraiser allowed us to purchase 10 new lightweight backpacking tents. And just in time, too. During the past year, we grew by almost 50%, with the addition of 32 new Scouts.”

He attributes the growth partially to the attention they received during their 2013 wreath fundraiser. With so many new Scouts, the troop already needs five more tents in addition to the ones they bought with last year’s wreath profits.

“The order process was very straightforward.”

If you are new to wreath fundraising, he recommends the following:

“Everyone had great things to say about the wreaths.”

Much of the troop’s success, Nathan says, came down to the product. The wreaths, made from fresh Pacific Northwest noble fir, are an easy sell.

“Everyone had great things to say about the wreaths. Ours smelled great each time we opened our front door. We kept ours up through March,” he says.

“I personally prefer the wreaths over other fundraisers because they are very practical, environmentally friendly, and (as much as I like cookie dough) healthier than many other fundraisers.”

“I was impressed with how easy it was to reach our goal.”

In addition to the money raised directly from wreath sales, the fundraiser created a domino effect of awareness and support for the troop.

Reflecting on his experience, he says, “I was impressed with how easy it was to reach our goal. Not only were we able to buy tents, but we refreshed our cooking supplies for three patrols. One of the biggest benefits, however, was that the awareness we raised with the fundraiser led to several sizeable direct donations.”

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