Simple ways to grow your customer base year after year


After a successful fundraising season wraps up in December, it can be tempting to put your feet up and wait for September to roll around before giving wreaths another thought. Don’t fall victim to this! It doesn’t take much to engage your customers—and potential customers—during the off season.

Put these simple steps into action to increase your customer base from season to season—you’ll soon see the results are worth the effort.

Retain existing customers

If you want to grow your customer base every year, retaining customers is as important as reaching out to new ones. Research shows that for every 100 new donors a fundraiser recruits, 102 existing donors are lost. In short, it’s not enough to merely reach out to new people. You also need to keep your existing customer base interested.

Share with your customers the fruits of their support

Your customers want to know what you’ve been able to do with wreath fundraising. They will become more engaged and invested in your cause when you tell them of your successes. The more connected they feel to your story, the more likely you’ll retain them as customers in the future.

Start an annual fundraising event

Consider hosting an annual event to kick-off the fundraising season. An event will give your customers something to look forward to throughout the year. It will also ensure they mark their calendars and don’t forget about supporting the wreath fundrasier each year. 

 At the event, serve light refreshments and hold a brief program that allows attendees to hear a bit more about your goals and what they can do to support you. Keep the event simple and build upon it year after year. Although the first year of any event can be hard work, once you’ve put it on a few times, it’ll soon be running like a well-oiled machine. 

Reach new customers

In your efforts to retain existing customers, don’t forget to reach out to new people both in the off-season and once your fundraiser has kicked-off. 


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